Friday, March 16, 2018

High Bay Led Lighting 2018

High Bay Led Lighting 2018
Best Product for the best price Period or we die trying.

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Friday, July 1, 2016

LED Parking lot shoe box lighting prices- wasting money & poor ROI

USA is being over charged for parking lot LED lighting
Busy Bee Led LLC
 July 1st 2016

Seems this year there are many new parking lot light factories beating each other up on prices in china, but that doesn't seems to matter because a lot of them are just re-seller pretending to be a factory and they just buy down the street and reship them.
 There are many new warehouses in usa with shoe box parking lot lighting stock and over charging you by hundreds of dollars and I mean hundreds, just because your electrician or you the end user want the lights in 5 days or less Vs 10-12 days.
One of my customers wanted 50pcs of 300w and I gace him a quote and I told him I could save you over 2500$ for 50pcs of 300w if you can wait 10-12 days, but he said he was on a time frame to get them installed. Is this an emergency is this for some big even that they need to waste 2500$ on 50 lights. Does the end user or end customers really know how much they can save if they wait one more week, I mean seriously. Do they really know what they are getting charge for, just for a simple lighting up grade that takes them into the led lighting world.
At the cost a lot of these electricians are charging, personally I don't think that the customer will be getting his return on investment as soon as he expects to!
 My estimate is it is going to take up to 5-8 years depending on the hours the lights run. That is not a good ROI.

Our goal at Busy Bee ever since we started the company is to offer the best light at the best price period or we die trying we want to offer a option for the average person who needs to save money not big companies who through money down the drain just to have the lights in 5 days.
Have a beautiful Day.
Brian S.
Current price per fixture for less than 10pcs not including shipping cost

150w ~ $234.00

200w ~ $293.00
300w ~ $346.00

200w & 300w are the same size,
so the shipping cost is the same, they just use different led qty

Thursday, March 31, 2016

High Bay Led Lights reach a milestone with 130 Lumen per watt in 2016

New High bay Industrial led light 2016

 We now have a new high bay led light that produces 133lm/watt.
Now a 200w can truly replace a 400w Metal Halide.

Light Output 29,355.7lm
Efficacy 133.38lm/W
Wattage 190.1W
CRI 71.4
CCT 5,700K
60 Degree reflector
5 Yr Warranty
UL DLC certified for rebate

High bay, low bay, 


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Feel The Sting! Hear the Buzz! Bee's are dying, save and protect our Pollinators! Food under threat

Busy Bee Led Lights

 Food under threat

I like to share info when I can, about our healthy World.
This topic is on bee's and what they do for everyone of us on earth.
I learn so much every time I start reading about bee's and other vertebrates that pollinate this big world.

They Are so, so important and more important the the average person can fathom..
So This is why I am posting this post about Bees. 
I am a Cherry and Apple farmer, 6th generation in Northern Michigan, on a small peninsula that produces the largest volume of tart cherries in the world. 
 I have always known how important bees are to growing money on tree's. Every Year we spend thousands of dollars to hire bee keepers to bring bees to our farm, to pollinate our orchards. With out the bees would would not have the production we have today.
I have attached a couple links for those who care about mother earth and who want to do their part even at the smallest scale.

You can help the Pollinators in the world, like butterflies, songbirds, hummingbirds, bees, and beetles  just by planting the right plants around your house.

Thanks to Houston Arboretum and
Thanks to Amy Barton for her post!
Click Below

Please also read and enjoy more links below!

Here is some quick info that was published by IPBES, regarding the pollinating numbers

 The two-year global assessment by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Numbers released by IPBES, it does not look good.
  • 20,000 – Number of species of wild bees. There are also some species of butterflies, moths, wasps, beetles, birds, bats and other vertebrates that contribute to pollination.
  • 75 Percent – Percentage of the world's food crops that depend at least in part on pollination.
  • 235 billion to $577 billion – Annual value of global crops directly affected by pollinators.
  • 300 Percent – Increase in volume of agricultural production dependent on animal pollination in the past 50 years.
  • Almost 90 Percent – Percentage of wild flowering plants that depend to some extent on animal pollination.
  • 1.6 million tons – Annual honey production from the western honeybee.
  • 16.5 Percent – Percentage of vertebrate pollinators threatened with extinction globally.
  • 40 Percent (plus) – Percentage of invertebrate pollinator species – particularly bees and butterflies – facing extinction.
 Great thanks to the Bug Squad for this post.

Do you want to be a bee hive and pollinator guru, then go to school to be come a Master Beekeeper

"You" can "HELP"
Encourage our world and do what you can to help save it. 
Plant something beneficial this spring for pollinators!
Sincerely: Brian.C.S.