Saturday, February 28, 2015

"Persecution in Michigan" why are people still being persecuted if medical marihuana is legal in Michigan

Busy Bee Led Grow Lights and professional Reef Lighting.

 "Persecution in Michigan" why are people still being persecuted if medical marihuana is legal in Michigan.

Prosecutors need to be prosecuted. Enough is enough. Just because of their own beliefs or their own agenda doesn't give a single person the right to put people in jail just because they have a title. They continue to prosecute patients and caregivers who are not breaking the current law that was signed by the majority of Michigan citizens.
These Prosecutors do not care about the MMMA, or local ordinances decriminalizing marihuana!
Who do they think they are when it was unanimously voted in.  READ More..LINK

GOT MEDS~ LINK Read more

Grand Rapids Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Busy Bee Leds New Series LED Grow Lights 2014 Dec Best Product Best Prices Period

Busy Bee Led Lights

Hello all my fellow growers I wish you a Marry Christian Xmas and A Happy New and Prospurous future Year.

Please visit out new Stinger G4 STG4 Series Grow light that we have added to out web site for our customers looking for more penetration in the same foot print as our standard Stinger series..
The Modules are easier to replace and now Use 25 leds in each vs our Stinger St Series.

Here you can also visit out ebay page.
But you all should know that if you are buying on ebay you will paying 12% more. If you just want to feel more safe than I just wanted you to know.
Or you can go to our web site and save that 12%.
 If you want to order more than one please contact us and we will get you a better price.
We strive for the Best Grow led light for the best price peroid or we die trying. We always us the best wavelengths that I researched over 4 years ago and now look all the other big grow light companies now have copied my wavelengths nm.
Yes 4 years ago all the big companies except Hydro grow were laughing at me regarding y choice colors like Far Red Ir, UV,  green, 620nm 580nm 410nm 400nm  and some even some of my other choice colors which are called "Dual wavelengths" these are wavelengths that help other wavelengths absorb into the plants..And now look hmmm not so funny anymore ehh. to bad I couldn't of patented my choice colors, I would of been a millionaire already..
Many say that my lights are a little expensive but compared to the other top companies, they are not.

 This is why I started Busy Bee Leds. To help those who want to start saving energy and cost that go into growing good quality product and plants. To save those who dont have th emoney to buy those over prices and yes good companies grow lights.
And some will always buy cheap, Go ahead and buy those junk led lights that say they use 8 bands or 11 bands of nm.
I will tell you that if they dont tell you the colors they use, then they are lying to you and you and my guess is that your basically getting maybe 4 colors.
How can they sell so cheap if they are using the right colors and the right amount of those colors? Did you know that some of the best bin Ir, UV, blue, orange leds will cost us $1,2$ and 4$/ea, Ok so you do that math, it wont add up to under 200$ for a real grow light.
Do you really think a light that says that it is 700w and uses 11 bands will cost 200$.. get real people. are you all that gullible..If you dont believe me do your research..Both Advance Leds and My self use the same factory in china.
I used them first then advanced moved over because they had bad experiance with another company. So go ahead beat me up but in the 5 yrs I have been selling led grow lights I have had two returns and one was just because he order the wrong light..
Yup We have only had 4 bad drivers that we had to help our customers with replacement drivers Not bad right. I dont think any company can beat my stats..
If you have any questions I post we have 24/7 Text so give us a call or text at 323-834-2879.
God Bless......Brian..........

Our New G4 Stinger ST series

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The New 1200w Led Grow light coming soon 2014

Busy Bee Led Lights

We will be releasing our New Stinger G2 series Soon this light with only 16 pcs of removable 50w modules, is running at 800w of true output! This will be all you need! But we will also have other sizes and we are even thinking of building a 1250 in a smaller space and = to 2500w. 

Pics below




Soon we hope to have the Stinger G4ST24

See you all Soon!!




text us 24/7

Thursday, January 23, 2014

l.e.d. grow lights Most american companies over charge by 33% SOME EVEN 100% OVER CHARGING.

l.e.d. grow lights, Most American companies over charge by 66% SOME EVEN 100% and I have seen as much as 500%. But Busy Bee Leds we have just a small profit for our grow lights because we feel our lights will help people produce food to help the starving people of this world! But that isn't the only reason! most people don't have a clue what it really cost to make a 100w led grow light with 10-12 true wavelengths. Can you guess? try about 30-50$ yup.. Our profit well is around 50$ per light! yup wow I don't think we will get rich to soon with a 50$ profit for each light we sell. But I feel good going to bed knowing I didn't charge someone 500$ for a full spectrum Led grow light..God Fucking Bless America right! well not so much any more. That why they say Knowledge is power people! and it is also $ Money $ ! Well I like sharing some dirt once in a while! haha -SHAZAM...
Here is our best price light per 30w module, this light I will show you has 24 modules so you take 24x30 =720W. 720 can replace 1440w..

(323) 834-2879 Call12pm EST to 11pm EST
And you can text us 24/7

Monday, October 21, 2013

We Strive for the best Product fo the best Price Period!

We strive for The best Product for the best Price period. - See more at:
We strive for The best Product for the best Price period. - See more at:
We strive for The best Product for the best Price period. - See more at:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

LED Grow lights for the new grower best wavelengths best price peroid

Busy Bee Led Lights



 We strive for The best Product for the best Price period. Or I die trying

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New 2013 LED Grow light, lights now are using Integrated LEDs

Busy Bee Led Lights


Integrated Leds for Grow lights is now becoming very popular. 

They can add all the wavelengths in one larger LED.

I'm not sure if higher watt LEDs is best for efficiency for a led light, but seems to be better for penetration for larger plants.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

LED high bay light supplier. Busy Bee Leds Best Prices and best products Period During the LED Light electrical use money savings Movement

 LED high bay light supplier.

 Busy Bee Leds 

Best Prices and best products Period

During the LED Light

electrical use money savings Movement

(323) 834-2879

led high bay light , 150w Philips led high bay light , 200w led Philips high bay light , led high bay lamp , Wholesale led high bay light flood lights low bay, industrial, warehouses,, stadiums, out door courts, tennis basketball, athletic fields, driving ranges, pull barns, manufacturing plants, football, airports, aircraft hangar, new construction, sporting events, golf courses, gas stations,parking lots, high power lighting upgrades with led lights can save you  up to 80% on electrical use / power consumption. Stop wasting money and start putting the extra cash where you  really need it. Its an investment unlike any other in these current time where you can really reduce you expenses by a unbelievable amount of money. Please Don't fire people to save expenses, so reinvest in the led up grades now. More money give you leverage to make better business decisions to make your company more profitable in area's you have wanted to increase or invest.
 Busy Bee Leds LLC
we work hard to find you the best prices for your new investment into the LED light movement.
Text us 24/7 your questions and needs and we will reply with prices and suggestions for you project old or new. 
Thanks Sincerely Brian S

 (323) 834-2879
 LED grow lights, led reef lights aquarium led lights for all you growing pant and coral needs. Now we ahve high power LED lights for airports, athletic fields, basketball, driving ranges, events, flood lights, football feilds, gas stations, golf course, aircraft hangar, High Bay, low bay, manufacturing plants, out door courts, parking lots, stadiums, tennis, warehouses, Wholesale, industrial, warehouse,